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Year 13 Day 140 19:28
Eshaar Gnor

I just found a vertical locker that was dropped by a Bandit. He had it equiped as they do, but it is not equipable so there is at present no way in which we can claim that particular item or for that matter any item we can not equip or may not be able to carry. I do not think that this is entirely logical & I wondered if that was intentional or an oversight in the current way things work?

Year 13 Day 140 20:09
Christian Hall

It equips to you chest slot...for some reason.

Magnetic pecs ftw!

Year 13 Day 140 22:01

Lockers equip to the chest, so you can claim it.


Year 13 Day 141 2:01
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

It's true, you equip lockers to your chest, you can claim them then.

Year 13 Day 141 2:05
They can be equipped to your chest.



Year 13 Day 141 3:00
Eshini`el Sandhawk

Try equipping them to your chest to claim them.

Year 13 Day 141 6:10
Kain Eckert

I hear that they equip to your chest.....Try that.

Year 13 Day 141 6:20

Equip them to your chest.

Year 13 Day 141 6:52
It might work if you place it in your chest slot, then refresh the page and claim it.


How many blasters would a blaster blast if a blaster could blast blasters?
Year 13 Day 141 7:05
i dont have a chest , im a bomar'r monk

Year 13 Day 141 12:18
I hear you can squeeze it between your buttocks.

Failing that, maybe try your chest?

Year 13 Day 141 23:12
What the others said.


Year 13 Day 143 12:57

Try the chest.


Year 13 Day 143 13:39
Did Jesfa just give this thread a "chest bump"


Year 13 Day 152 1:04
Yes he did.


Year 13 Day 157 6:30
Denton Dabbs

Equip it to the chest slot on the equipment page to claim it

Year 13 Day 170 22:08
Kyota Navic

so wait, are you guys saying equip it to the chest??? so confused. :P


Year 13 Day 180 7:22
Deleted Post
Merlin Myk`Chur
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