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Year 13 Day 140 21:20
Having trouble with removing power to a facility. I have all necessary privs to turn power off and on, however I get a message stating that the facility is powered by more that one generator and it will not allow me to change this situation.


I think there's a Bug in the System!!!
Year 13 Day 140 22:00
POssibly an issue caused by a recent change in how power gens worked. Before a facility could be powered by multiple power gens, allowing for redundant powering. However, for some reason, recently it has been changed so that only unpowered facilities and those powered by that power gen will show up for that power gen in the list. Facilities powered by another generator won't show.

I think you'll have to resort to the bug base and see if a dev can fix the issue for you.


Year 13 Day 141 0:33
The issue has been fixed, but is waiting for the next sync.

You're then again able to power a facility with more than one power generator.

Year 13 Day 142 5:50
So when I still have the problem when this next sync happens, do I return here or head to bugbase.


I think there's a Bug in the System!!!
Year 13 Day 142 10:02
You bug will be confirmed and fixed only if it's found in the Bugbase so better head to the bugbase.