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Archives » Casino effect on crime as intended?
I figured this was asked before, and did some forums searches, and saw some limited discussion, but nothing significant, so I'll ask again.

I find it odd that a Casino in SWC actually lowers a planet's crime stats. In past threads, some have argued that a casino has great security, which is true. But at elast on this planet, the area surrounding a casino always seems to attreact some other practices, that while they raise morale, typically are not conducive to lowering the overall crime rate of an area. The lure of easy money, "party necessities" and all the assorted things going along with that lifestyle of free-wheeling fun seem to increase crime, not lower it.

So should casinos really lower crime?

This all being said, I'm asking here and not in suggestions yet, simply becasue I have no idea if the admins would want to make such a change that might affect a large number of planet stats, but it does seem worth of questioning.


Kendall Holm

You know I dont know about everywhere but where I live Casinos do drop the crime rate because the city taxes the hell out of the Casinos and then use that money to buy protection in the city. And the more police around thus then deters a lot of the crime. Like again not sure everywhere else but here we love them.


perhaps, but there's a mechanism for that aspect in game, Kendall... since the planet owners can take taxes and then build crime reducing facilities (ie a prison or a barracks to buy security).

In this case, the casino itself is what is reducing crime. Which seems off to me.

but again, maybe jsut from a sheer 'we can't change this now' standpoint, it makes since to leave as is.


Umbeck Traxer

Is the reason Stadiums don't increase planetary morae because they were added to the game later? If there is one thing that makes people content and happy, it seems to be sports. On rare occasion after winning championships it makes them so happy they decide to riot... but still. And on some occasions when they lose too.


Anything added since...Zoos (?) haven't had correct Morale/Crime/etc, I don't think we've had an appropriate tool to fix that since.