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Year 13 Day 143 20:09
Pinto Grande

Hi, I have some questions regarding mining, because of the recent events I got these past weeks.

Pretty much, what should exactly happen when a mine collapses?
Losing the RM that was being is ok, that I get.

should the deposit size decrease?
should we lose the RMs stored on the mine (previously extracted)?
should we lose credits (send it to geological or safety authorities)?

I ask that, because I have had discrepancies with my past collapses.
Turns out once I sent credits, lost the stored RMs and didn't decrease the depo size once.
On another collapse, I didn't sent credits, didn't lose the RMs, but it decreased the deposit size.

here are the events as example:

1 Year 13 Day 139, 10:24 The Meleenium Mine [mine name] in [city name on planet name] has collapsed. On site prospectors have recalculated the deposit size to route around the collapse, it is now 52,493 m3 (-25954m3).

215 Year 13 Day 132, 12:36 [faction] has sent 65,686 credits to the Local Safety Comission with the following message:
Part of the mine has collapsed at Meleenium Mine [mine name] in [city name on planet name]. Workers were mining when a rotten duracrete pylon collapsed. 23,319 units of Meleenium were lost in the accident.

In both cases, that event was the only one I got from that mine, that time, so I'm not hiding anything from the logs.

the rules say
...the mine suffers a collapse that costs a random amount between 25k and 100k. The deposit is reduced by the amount the mine would have yielded plus a fifth of the deposit size for the type of materials being mined and no materials are yielded. If the cost cannot be covered, then clean up cannot be done and no materials are added back in. If the collapse cost has been payed then the clean up is done and between 5% and 75% of what the yield would have been is yielded.  

But for both collapes I (the faction) did obviously had the 100k to pay the 'clean up'.
Nothing was yielded though.
Also: materials 'added back in'? That is from the 'fifth of the deposit size' that was supposely reduced, or from what was stored?

So, what should happen when a collapse occurs?
And should this be bugbased then?

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Year 13 Day 145 12:23
Pinto Grande

Could someone move this to Questions for Admins please?