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Year 13 Day 147 18:20
T`Saya Startraveller

So . . . it's been about 48 hours since I submitted my name for approval. The only thing that's happened since then is that I now have a DM that I can't access. I've checked my regular email, including my spam, and all I have is my account activation. Has anyone reviewed any names in the last 48 hours, and if so, has one for come across your list? Thanks.

Year 13 Day 147 18:22
There are currently no handles awaiting approval. You submitted handle must of been rejected, so please submit a new one.


Year 13 Day 147 18:38
T`Saya Startraveller

OK, thanks.

It would be nice to know why a name is rejected - might help when coming up with alternates. Or is that supposed to be in the notification email I never got?

Year 13 Day 147 22:38
There is a box for us to enter a decline reason. Not sure where/how that's supposed to send. I always assumed it was by e-mail, but I guess not.


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Year 13 Day 148 0:08
I presumed it was given in an event telling you it was rejected - apparently rejected handles are not returned to the player either by email or an event, so they don't know if/why it was rejected. Hopefully that is fixed.


Year 13 Day 148 1:45
It should give you an even/DM telling you why your handle got rejected. But sadly both of these are tied to player characters and therefor new players don't receive them.