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Year 13 Day 147 19:28
Is it possible to ignore DM's from a specific person? By contacting an admin or some other way?




Year 13 Day 147 19:54
No. If you are being harrased, make a support ticket (contact support bottom of sidebar) to alert the ASims.


Year 13 Day 148 17:33
Ok thanks



Year 13 Day 149 20:20

Ask the ASims, they do it all the time. The ignoring, that is.


Year 13 Day 150 10:27

Ignoring DMs isn't currently possible to my knowledge. However, if it is harrassment, ASims can have a nice chat with the one involved with it.

As a reminder, here is the punishment scale for harrassment, set during the dev meeting:

Admin/Player Harassment - 1st Degree: Warning and Discussion of the expectations of the rules. 2nd Degree: 1-week Ban. 3rd: Perma.

Additionaly, any ban offense and/or degree can be increased with a 10% asset fine if the administration deems it necessary to increase the punitive nature punishment.

Usually, some newbies need to be reminded of the rules. If you are having problems with the one I think, I genuinely hope the player will understand that posting nonsense will not help fulfilling expectations...

Year 13 Day 151 11:23
Ya some guy that I was buissness partners was banned a few months ago and he made a new account, he is now accusing me of stealing stuff from his old account since he sent me a bunch of stuff to sell for him before he was banned. So he is being really annoying but not to the extent of harrasment.



Year 13 Day 151 13:02
If he made a new account (instead of a new character), then that's against the rules and a bannable offence ... it should be reported.

Year 13 Day 151 14:24
By a support ticket.



Year 13 Day 152 7:13
Who would be the proper Asim to contact?



Year 13 Day 152 7:35
As Gav already said, please make a support ticket.

Year 13 Day 162 21:14

"If he made a new account (instead of a new character), then that's against the rules and a bannable offence ... it should be reported."

From the rules page:

" 3.3.1/ What happens to your Items
Since your new character has no relation to your old character (the server does not recognize family relations, even if you choose to roleplay as the family member of your old character), your old character's assets cannot be returned to you. You are not allowed to make a will of any sort that would result in your new character getting your old character's items. Doing so is a violation of the golden rule (IC/OOC separation) and will be punished. "

Am I reading this wrong or does it not forbid a new character getting assets and not a new acct? I always thought both would be bannable.

Year 13 Day 162 21:37
Togan was simply saying that if the person made a new account - rather than waiting to recreate as a new character - that is a bannable offense, fullstop.