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Archives » problems starting out and what i should do in this situation
Karael Gage

the faction i applied to still hasn't gotten back to me after almost a week, which is twice as long as they said it takes for them to give a reply. I didn't want to start out until they told me where, if i was accepted. I read on their site to start in one of two places and neither of those are possible starting choices for me. I really want to join this faction, so i don't want to apply to another because i could still be accepted.

What should i do?


Long live the Combine

Cypher Diaz

keep on perservering, or join a new faction.

don't spawn yet though :) do that once your in *a* faction, it makes it so much easier on faction members...

make sure your in contact with the appropriate faction staff though... bugging them may speed up the process.

Quite frankly, if they treat you like garbage'll be just as bad once they accept you. I'd highly suggest finding a new faction to join, since you'll likely find it much more enjoyable playing with people who consider you a priority in their group :)


^What they said

There's no reason for a faction to take over twenty-four hours to get in touch with a prospective member, let alone a week.


Patriarch of House Ismay
David Kellar

Ditto, Ismay, and Teniel, though Cipher has a point. If you haven't heard anything from them, and really want to join, keep messaging them till you hear something.

David, you'll be happy to hear that the faction dragging its feet is the RA. I already asked him. :)


Patriarch of House Ismay
David Kellar

Thats what happens when you do your very best to keep traitors and assasins out of your ranks, notice there have not been any executions or assasinations in the RA recently. In fact the only one I know that was in any way recent was someone who violated basic security protocol. So we are security conscious, a few other factions could probably learn a thing or two from that. Think NIO, Galactic Empire, Sienar Extractions and the New Anzat Order. They have all lost rather high ranking members in the last 2 months, not a good record.