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Year 13 Day 152 17:49
Dan Hakim

I know it happens quite a bit, but what's the purpose behind factions repeatedly changing leader and 2ICs? I get it for achievement badges but after that..?


Year 13 Day 152 18:18
Its because the owner/leader is a lazy bum, and switches to hop to another faction to do some construction or other activity that requires them to be in another faction. Then they change themselves back to being in leader after they are done. They just have no self-restraint, or ability to pass on duties to their members. THey are bad leaders.


Year 13 Day 152 19:33
Dan Hakim

That's it? That takes up the majority of GNS notifications...

Thanks for clearing that up for me.


Year 13 Day 154 21:52
Shuji Shizuka

That's an opinion, and not nessescarily a real answer.

That happens a good deal of the time sure. Other times are up to the faction in question. I know of a few who operate factions with varying degrees of trust, dependant on how they operate. Some switch every few days to give certain people equal power, in theory. And sometimes there's the kind of emergencies that require a leader to hop factions for a few minutes before returning.

It all depends on the people involved, really.


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Year 13 Day 155 0:33
Shuji, though some leader changes are for good reasons, those that switch between 2 or 3 people repeatedly over a period of a day or so are not doing it for those kind of reasons. Purely because of not wanting to wait etc.


Year 13 Day 155 17:28
I am not sure why you lot are arguing about subjective opinions in the first place. Whether you think someone is a good leader or a bad leader, effective or ineffective, that has no place in this forum. Simply say that the leader change notifications represent the leader switching factions to perform actions or duties elsewhere quickly before returning. This is a forum for help, not biases.