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Year 13 Day 155 11:14
I have a station which I made in Galaxy 1.0, but now it is not convenient to the places I want to go anymore. My question is do you still move stations once if people were not active enough to know it was a possibility back when Galaxy 2.0 switched? Or say they log in tomorrow for the first time in 3 years, would they be allowed to apply and get their stations moved once like everyone else?
--Arch, out.

Year 13 Day 155 11:18
No, the "move station" tool was only available for a limited time, you can't use it anymore (and the asims won't help with that either).

If you can get a ship with a large enough cargo capacity, you could use that to move your station.

Year 13 Day 155 21:45
One can dock and move stations? Since when?


Owyn Darklighter
Year 13 Day 155 22:17
Since ever. It just happens that only 2 or so ships can actually move stations, and then only a few of them. And those ships are either highly restricted (hi SSD!) or just merely very expensive/hard to get (hi there MTC!).


Year 13 Day 155 23:01
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Modular Taskforce Cruisers can't move stations. You're thinking of the Lucrehulk.

Year 13 Day 155 23:27
Hmm, you need a tractor beam too huh? But either way, only a select few have the capability to do so.


Year 13 Day 156 13:58
Kuro Neko

I remember a few years ago someone posted saying they moved their station using a ship but admins moved it back....? Can anyone comment on that? Either if they remember it, or if admins will let us move stations using ships.


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Year 13 Day 156 14:09
You may be thinking of the time Karl Kitono was able to load a Trading I onto a Quasar, which was a bit of a bug so it was moved back. Otherwise, if it fits, it sits.


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Year 13 Day 156 15:55
Dan Hakim

How do they get them out?

Stations don't have a travel option.


Year 13 Day 156 16:04
You kick them out from the carriers cockpit.

Year 13 Day 156 17:46

You may notice that ships have a 'stations' section in the cargo area along with the ships, vehicles and RMs. Just use the checkboxes like you would with ships and vehicles and its easy.

Although what would happen if you try doing that while on the ground or in the atmosphere? I'm guessing either an error or a bug.


Year 13 Day 156 18:11
Kendall Holm

Not Sure Ellias ... I have put ships that have no landing capability on the ground I wonder if it would work with a station. I think I am going to try that in the dev

EDIT: Just tried it on the dev. You cannot tractor a station no matter what unless it is wrecked. I tried using a Lucre Hulk to move a SY1 and you get an error you cannot tractor a non-wrecked station. Myth BUSTED

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Year 13 Day 156 20:58


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 13 Day 157 4:30
But but but.... none of that explains why the station move tool doesnt apply anymore. The Galaxy is still shifted, it would be nice for some of us to be able to shift with it that didnt really have the option to earlier.

Year 13 Day 157 4:39
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

The tool doesn't apply anymore because it was available for a limited time period. SWC is transient, just something you have to deal with.

Year 13 Day 157 5:44
Alexander von Ismay

Much like real life. Moving something that massive would require heavy machinery, or demolition and rebuilding.

Could also sell it, and rebuild.

Because you didn't know/was not around isn't our fault, and not a valid excuse. I missed out on 4 runs of CP ships when I was away. If you can complain about the station tool I can complain about them, right? I wantz YHead, I wantz Bayo. Gimmie Gimmie. Rawr. Etc. Etc. Blah Blah Blah.


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Year 13 Day 157 10:52
This forum is for questions, hence why I was asking for answers from admins about it. How you interpreted "it would be nice" as a complaint I have NO idea. Also you used the words Fault and Excuse and try to demean me by talking to me like a child. Gimme gimme? Blah blah, I wantz, Sowwy?
Please dont, all I did was politely ask a question... Its not like I am a John Daygon, I didnt come here for an internet argument.
--Arch, out.

Year 13 Day 158 18:54
Ten provided the only answer that is really accurate. The tool wasn't intended to exist permanently, even though the galaxy shift is permanent. It was just a temporary measure, and people who were inactive for that long period of time while it was present simply miss out. Hopefully stations can be moved using large ships in the future, since apparently that's not functioning now, but in the meantime, they remain where they are and if you don't like the location you'd need to sell it or trade it for a station with a more preferable location.