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Year 13 Day 159 15:18
Vinco`ut Vesica

I am currently travelling from Nimban to Cyborrea. So i am traveling in a northeast direction, does this mean i will enter the system in the southwest corner? and exactly how is where you enter a system calculated

Year 13 Day 159 15:34
Ah always ensured mah entry point by Hypering to the system next to final destination so that ah entered at the closest point to where ah wanted to go (got tired of 12+ hours of sublight when just spending an extra 30 minutes in hyper could cut that down to maybe 1/4)

Year 13 Day 159 16:18
Kendall Holm

your exit point is restricted to eight points, the points of the compass. Which one is determined by which direction in which the system lays to your current position and 180 degrees of that. So if the system is SW of you and you go to the system you will arrive in the NE corner, if the system in north of you and you go to the system you will exit in the South most point.