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Archives » Cross Terrain minimum 30 minutes
Year 13 Day 160 10:21
I was going to make a suggestion topic about changing this, but saw that it was a restricted topic. So instead, I'm going to ask: why does a high ship/vehicle speed not allow for faster cross terrain travel? I remember at one point CT was based completely on speed. I'm not talking about the "speed limit" that used to be imposed in cities or CTing to cities. now that omnidirectional CTing has been eliminated, is it possible to bring back faster than 30min CTing?


Year 13 Day 160 10:52

This was changed because CT was used for XP farming. Back in the day, the best deal was to get a Cloud Car Combatspeeder or a Cloud Car Airspeeder and endlessly do cross-terrain: with their 1500km/h speed, you could earn 5XP in a couple of seconds less than 5 minutes.

This was a widely-known exploit, since you could earn the same 5 xp with ascending to atmosphere... which was taking one hour.

Year 13 Day 160 11:12
Because obviously the maximum XP we should allow is 5 per hour, right? That's why you only get 2.5xp per combat round.

I had always heard it was put in place to prevent efficient slab-bombing, but now that the delay has been implemented there doesn't seem to be a need anymore. It was mentioned in a recent suggestion already, Pozz, but if you want to make a dedicated suggestion topic go ahead, I won't lock it.

Edited By: Mikel von Bianchi on Year 13 Day 160 11:12
Year 13 Day 160 11:28

Sorry, I didn't explained correctly... I was just stating that, when compared to other similar activities, you were earning a lot more XP.

However, you're true, the slab-bombing was really way faster with the old CT system.

Year 13 Day 160 17:48
As Mikel said, it was changed because of slab bombing. In a suggestions thread about this sort of thing it was mentioned that now slabbing takes an hour this artificial limit on the lower speed should be removed again.

Nothing to do with XP whoring at all.