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Archives » Using Arrest-Execute as an exploit?!
I wonder if this was intentional by swc dev's, adding bandit combat and loot drops. Im just bad at explaining in english, so give me some slack plz :)

-If a few people/players in a government of a major faction, with arrest-execute privileges

-Chose to RP so much, that they decide to consider nonplayer owned bandit NPC to be real people, like player characters.

-They forbid all members to attack and kill bandits, and regard the players PC to be a killer.

-They regard all loot/items dropped by bandits affilated with any of their factions, to be items that is property by the government faction. Even thought the item dont have an owner and have never been produced by a player, no mather what faction the PC that is hunting bandits belong to.

-As the government cant enforce it RP laws on other factions players, they will be left to enforce it on their own members, leading to the conclution that everyone that has attacked a bandit since the combat implemention, is a killer and theif.

-And will be a subject for a trail and execution.

For me, this is just completely insane.

Isnt the basal idea of bandit hunting to enrich the player economy, boost player xp and fun along the way?

Even if its possible to pretend that binary code is a real person, just because you want to have some fun as a judge and kill other peoples PC's.

Is that really intentional?

Or is this unintentional, like the problems with the search functions for new systems, where unintended possibility slipped in, with faulty code?

I appreciate feedback by player to, of what you think about this?

If you kill a bandit, and they drop a Merr-Sonn Tech weapon. Even if I havnt produced it in any of our factorys. Do you think its a property of MST, and your a thief and murderer that should be posted up on the GSN as a thief and killer?

Wouldnt this make marvels for the player economy if gov's started to kill their own members, and kill all their customers visiting their system for a friendly trade, they might have killed a bandit some time....

Before anyone believes that I'm in a faction and government with mad men hehe.

This is just totally hypothetical scenario not reflecting anything on my government and factions views! Its just originate in debate wyth a few friends of a possibility with the current system in place. Im just curious if this would be allowed in a massive scale?

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Shuji Shizuka

It seems like an odd thing for a faction to impost on their people, but if they make a plan to add that element of RP to the game and actually enforce it, more power to them.


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Uh, if a faction wants to arrest all their own members, they can do so if they wish. They don't have to come up with some arbitrary and convoluted explanation for a reason, they can just do it. I don't see where the exploit is.

Of course if a faction did decide to just randomly arrest and execute their own members, that faction will rapidly find itself dissolving.


Governments and factions can choose to roleplay whatever rules, decrees or decisions they wish. If they so choose to roleplay bandits as sentient beings with rights of life and if they further wish to take their own faction members to trial for the murder of bandits, that's up to them.


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