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Year 13 Day 170 12:40

I created an account the other day, logged in to create my char, choose my handle and was awaiting for aproval. tried to log in and nothing happened.
Tried the recover password twice.

Year 13 Day 170 13:37

Hello, and Welcome to the Star Wars Combine! We're sorry for the inconvenience, we're doing our best to solve this issue as soon as possible.

A bug report has been filled, along with a possible method to solve this issue. Do you remember which handle you submitted?

Oceliane, Tester.

Year 13 Day 170 17:36
Ignore her, she not a tester.

Anyway, try using the handle you requeste to log in with, rather than your email. If that fails, make a support ticket (click here) and provide details such as your email and the name you chose. An ASim should be along to fix you up.


Year 13 Day 170 19:11
Don't be rude Ellias especially as Oce is indeed a tester on the DevServer and has done a tremendous amount of work there and her reply here is also of the helpful variety.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 13 Day 171 2:04
What Arete said.

As Oceliane said; There seems to be a bug in the joining system, and we are currently trying to investigate it.

It seems to randomly occur, since we're getting new accounts joining, and when I tried it last night, it seemed to work as intended.

My suggestion would be to try registering again, and see what has happened.


Year 13 Day 171 3:35
Dragomir Kies

<.< Wont it lead to illegal multis if the issue is fixed and the server processes successfully previous registrations ?

Year 13 Day 171 5:40
If their previous email is still stored in the database, it will produce an error.

If it doesn't, well.. yeah.