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Archives » Corellian Powersuit Armour & helmet
Kriel Nightstalker

Is this suit ever going to have the STR benefit the description talks about because I have it and there is no STR benefit as of yet.if the POWER suit is not going to reflect the name or description then it should be changed, especially since it has been implemented. Thanks in advance for input.

Part of the Description.
"Another distinguishing feature is the series of servomotors, set into the suit's energized exoskeleton, which boost the wearer's strength. "

As has been said many times before, the description =/= rules. Its a fluff thing to differentiate it from other armours.

Any skill bonuses that are listed in the description are relics from years ago before armour was implemented, and has been stated several times in the last few years that items will not provide a direct skill bonus.


Gort Horth

That being the case, any way to get the HBA helmet armor value raised? If the helmet doesn't provide the same functionality of a sensor pack, there's no reason to carry the extra weight over say, Corellian.


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Alexander von Ismay

Um... it's HEAVY Battle Armour.

I see no issue? :3


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