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Year 13 Day 182 12:05
Tik Nkik

I am having trouble finding the rules for custome items, could someone please direct me?


Year 13 Day 182 12:20
Mika Noris

::Custom Items::

Custom Items are for RP purposes only and will not be useable in any way. Custom items must follow all art standard custom image rules, which can be found above and in the public art forum. Custom items may not be any of the following: Weapons, obscene objects, non-Star Wars objects.

custom NPCs/images/items rules


Year 13 Day 182 21:11
Tik Nkik

Much adieu to you Mika.

Year 13 Day 182 21:17
Tik Nkik

One more question, is there a link to the Combine frame image?

Year 13 Day 182 21:25
Tik Nkik it. :D

Year 13 Day 182 22:06
Brand Malden

I've been looking for that too, where did you find it?


Year 13 Day 182 23:09
Its in a stickied topic in the Art forum.


Year 13 Day 183 15:00
Tik Nkik

I have another question about Custom Items.
Do they become physical items that you can deliver or are they just part of your inventory that you need to make over?

Edited By: Tik Nkik on Year 13 Day 183 15:01
Year 13 Day 183 15:37

They become exactly like any other item in your inventory: you can deliver them, make them over, and so on.

As soon as they are accepted, they appear at your current location, on the floor.

Year 13 Day 183 20:49
Tik Nkik

Thanks #404

Year 13 Day 188 6:26
Tik Nkik

I am aware that if the art team accepts a custome image there will be a new event posted, but what if they deny an image, will there be a new event as well?

I submitted one about 5-7 days ago and still no reply.

Year 13 Day 188 6:30
Ric`zix Xichiz

We are currently experiencing difficulties with both custom item and custom NPC image acceptance/declining. In order to prevent overloading our custom system with them, we ask that any and all future Custom Item & Custom NPC requests be withheld until the system has been restored and fully integrated into the new custom system

We thank you, the Art Team

- Sim News Day 182

Edited By: Ric`zix Xichiz on Year 13 Day 188 6:31
Year 13 Day 188 6:36
Tik Nkik

Oops, sorry for the increased overload.
Thanks for the info.

Year 13 Day 188 7:32
Kendall Holm

No one really reads the Sim news so you have to bash it into their heads sometimes Ric lol