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Archives » Someone hacked into my account-this is not cool.
Shotan Turok

Year 13 Day 182, 17:47: Message from Solarius Masha
You blaming us for suicidal? It says you piloted the ship into the sun.....

I'm told by Solarius of Galactic Bank that I suicided into the sun, in RL I was gone during this time doing Physical Therapy, This showed up as well:

1Year 13 Day 182, 17:17

Shotan Turok has sent 4 Cerberus Corporation stocks to Qatar Shendo.
2Year 13 Day 182, 17:17

Shotan Turok has sent 4 Myorzo Weapon Systems stocks to Kavash Orr.

I don't know who these people are but I never sent them anything-Someone from the game hacked into my account and drove me into a sun. What can be done about this? This is BS, My password is a very hard one to just figure out so someone pulled some major crap to get into my account-I need some answers on this, needless to say I am extremely T off.

Timothy Lester.

Further stuff Solaruis sent me:

Year 13 Day 182, 17:53: Message from Solarius Masha

Umm, impossible no one would be able to move your ship if they were inside of it. You were assigned pilot I do believe, and it says

Year 13 Day 182, 17:17 The YV-666 [L] The Evermore piloted by Shotan Turok has been damaged by the gravitational pull of Morath Proto Star.

Only possible reason you could have died would be a suicide...... as with the new rules only pilots die, passengers just passout.

I wasn't here when this took place, which means noone in my household was, someone had to have hacked into my account, I had a lot of stuff, can I respawn and be given back my stuff, and what can be done about someone hacking my account, does this mean they have access to my PC altogether?

Do I need to get the Actual law involved in this? I've never had this kind of thing happen before.

I need admin to contact me asap.

Edited By: Shotan Turok on Year 13 Day 183 18:08

Ric`zix Xichiz

I know the stocks get sent back to the faction leader when someone dies, as opposed to going to the market.

As for everything else, I'm afraid I'm little help.

Shotan Turok

Well, who is the main admin, who do I need to talk to?


File a support ticket.


Contact Support link at the bottom of the sidebar. Admins should be able to easily tell if you hacked as the IP login I expect would be different from the usual login IPs.


Already looking into it.



Ellias, they may also have gotten remote access to Shotan's PC and logged in from there, which would have put the SWC login on the usual IP. If so, they may not have had to hack Shotan's SWC account directly, if he saved the password in his browser.


Kendall Holm

The don't have to get access to the computer directly to get those ... if he uses Firefox or Chrome it syncs all his passwords to their server and all someone has to do is break into his Firefox or Google account and it will retrieve the passwords no matter where they are at.


To be safe, you are using a unique password for SWC that you do not use for anything else, yes (there have particularly been cases in the past of passwords getting stolen via faction forums, when the same password is used)? If not, do be sure to change it for each place (as well as SWC itself, of course, if you have not yet already done so), just in case the source of this is indeed password related. Hopefully the admins will have the rest of this sorted out for you soon.



Im curious if it was your Dad Shotan. Ya know, Lance Korian. The guy who scammed NR citizens for millions then stopped playing? Unless you moved out of course.


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Ku`Bakai Roche

I hope they find proof of a hack and you get it all back mate, was saddened to hear of your death :(.


Xanxus Drol

I dont


Solarius Masha

Well I could like to know the conclusion to this :P


Smiley face

We're still looking into it.


Solarius Masha

k kewl thx :)


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Year 13 Day 189 16:51
There was no evidence of a hacking taking place with Mr Turok's account.

I'm closing this to prevent any possible flaming, whatnot. If anyone wants to ask me something, either Darkness Message or Email myself.

Thank you.