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Year 13 Day 192 13:28
Naits Shkoobi

About a week ago there was a sim news post about a custom art bug for items and NPCs. A few days ago, having forgotten about the sim post (although it doesn't say ships, just items), I submitted a custom image for a ship. I received an event notification shortly after telling me that the image had been accepted. My problem is that the custom image that I submitted doesn't appear on my ship but my CPs are still used up. Is this because of the art bug? or is there something else going on here? I'm pretty sure I submitted it all correctly (if I hadn't, I don't think I would have gotten a notification saying it was accepted). Any help or advice you can give me would be appreciated!

Year 13 Day 192 14:46
Kendall Holm

after the image was accepted did you go back to the cp page and apply the image to the ship. Its a two step process


Year 13 Day 192 18:26
Naits Shkoobi

Oooooohhhh, gotcha. Thanks, sorry for such a silly question!


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Year 13 Day 193 7:00
Not a silly question at all. Others might not have known about that part.


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Year 13 Day 193 7:45
It was in the Sim News...they are made for a reason.


Year 13 Day 193 9:56
Some sims news don't show up on my comp, unless I search. Like the rash of bans. Didn't see them. Others show up on my FB, but not always here..except in RSS format.


Year 13 Day 193 11:43
Bans do not show up on the sim news main page, thats intentional. otherwise everything that shows up tends to be relevant.

Year 13 Day 193 13:13

However, the latest bans are displayed on the first menu on the left, under "player administration".