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Year 13 Day 195 3:34
Darian Dash
Darian Dash
I'm curious to know the process for farming and refining to bacta.
I've tried interpretting the calculations in the rules but there is only so much i can understand.

Could someone who has an operation setup in a city please give me a breakdown.
Including the amounts of facilities , costs , planet taxes and yield examples would be much appreciated.


Year 13 Day 195 4:15
So far I have only farmed Alazhi, wanna get around making it into bacta eventually, but didn't try it yet.

My yield was around 1,600 units, it cost about 3mil as far as I remember, but it has been a while. Though I know it was expensive. You need farm and alazhi farmers to do it, not mine and dirt haulers like with other deposits. I think there is a vehicle that suppose to help, but never used it so don't know if it works.


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Year 13 Day 195 5:30
Well i can give you some numbers.

1. You need 12 npc's Alazhi Farmer type(that you can buy from once the Alazhi farm is build).

2. The values i gone give are always depending on the status both of planet status and skill status. At the moment i use two farms on two different planets, in one i get 2,700 units of Alazhi and on the other one i get 2,500 units of Alazhi, that usually cost me something from 5 to near 6M.

3. Then to process those amounts on to form Bacta you gone need another 12 npc's Alazhi Biological Engineer type/that you can buy from once the Alazhi Refinement Facility is build).

4. Well let's use the 2,500 units of Alazhi on this example, so we start the process of transforming Alazhi into to bacta and 2,500 units of Alazhi will take a day to be transformed in to Bacta and it will cost something between 5M to 6M to get near 250 units of Bacta.

Hope that help a bit Dash. My best regards.


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Year 13 Day 195 5:38
Haroku Star
Haroku Star
Thats awesome thanks , explains it all perfectly.


Year 13 Day 195 5:51
Darian Dash
Darian Dash
LOl @ Haroku
I just sent you the figures but as you're reading this yourself then you can see i have to give credit to these guys for explaining it :)

Thanks all for explaining it.
Costs about 20k to farm 10 units of alazhi and another 20k to turn those 10 units into 1 unit of bacta so about 40k per unit is the cost price of bacta without including hiring and construction.


Year 13 Day 195 6:34
Darian Dash
Darian Dash
Forgot to ask the purpose of the Alazhixazha vehicle.
Can you use them instead of hiring the 12 npc farmers?


Year 13 Day 195 6:38
what purpose do those vehicles serve? The alixatacas or whatever they're called?


Year 13 Day 195 6:49
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Prospecting specifically for Alazhi.

Year 13 Day 195 6:53
Darian Dash
Darian Dash
I know they can prospect but from what i read in their description it made them seem like they were also able to be used as a replacement for farmers.

The description even made it seem like it was more beneficial to use the vehicles instead of farmers.


Year 13 Day 195 7:16
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Don't bother reading the descriptions, just stick to the rules page equations.

Year 13 Day 195 10:33
A better idea is to point me to the problem description so it can be fixed. >_>

The description is accurate now.

Year 13 Day 195 10:37
Darian Dash
Darian Dash
Thanks Elijah that was quick :)


Year 13 Day 195 10:38
do they have a better chance of finding it than an fk-7 or a groundhog? My assumption would be no, since the mining sensors are so low.


Year 13 Day 195 10:40
My understanding is that they do have a better chance at finding Alazhi. I haven't looked at the formula but supposedly it helps to keep the numbers in the range of that material so it's more likely or something.

Year 13 Day 195 10:43
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Are the sensors really low? Right now all prospecting vehicles are shown on the rules page as having 1 sensor.

Year 13 Day 195 10:52
Darian Dash
Darian Dash
My understanding is that they do have a better chance at finding Alazhi. I haven't looked at the formula but supposedly it helps to keep the numbers in the range of that material so it's more likely or something 

Would that mean any slabs i've prospected with comp-ops5 and a squad of hogs can be prospected again with a squad of Alazhixazha vehicles and possibly find Alazhi?

I just found some Alazhi but that was using a squad of hogs at C/O 5


Year 13 Day 195 15:24
To be honest I really don't know. If that were the case would it then be worth it to prospect every square with a squad of each type of prospecting vehicle? Prospecting has always been difficult to decipher and I've seen many threads appear on the subject. A forum search might be helpful, aside from that I'm afraid I've exhausted my knowledge on the subject.

Year 13 Day 195 21:07
Darian Dash
Darian Dash
OK here's the equation.
Chance of finding = ( 1 + Total Sensors(Comp Op/30+0.05) ) * Terrain Prob.

I've always been lead to believe that there is a score to beat for each slab.
If the total value of your sensor/comp-op kit can beat the assigned score of the slab then the server would then calculate which rm is chosen.

Here's the example given in the rules of how the server calculates which type of rm is found.
What i can't figure out is if/how the random number can be affected by sensors
Or how to work out each rms percentage for different terrains.

A percentage for all materials found on the terrain type is calculated and a random selected (0-100).
IF Random is in the cumulative percentage range THEN select material type ELSE check next material on list

On Desert Terrain
Rudic = 10.25%, Duracrete = 21.35%, Laboi = 0.17%, Adegan = 0.17%, Rockivory = 21.35%, Varmigio = 20.50%, Lommite = 17.08%, Lowickan = 2.13%, Vertex = 6.83%, Berubian = 0.17%
Random = 55

First Check: Is 55 in Rudic (0 - 10.25) range ?? NO, next material
Second Check: Is 55 in Duracrete (10.25 - 31.60) range ?? NO, next material
Third Check: Is 55 in Laboi (31.60 - 31.77) range ?? NO, next material
Fourth Check: Is 55 in Adegan (31.77 - 31.94) range ?? NO, next material
Fifth Check: Is 55 in Rockivory (31.94 - 53.29) range ?? NO, next material
Sixth Check: IS 55 in Varmigio (53.29 - 73.78) range ?? YES, so deposit Varmigio.

There should be checks for Lommite , Lowickan , Vertex and Berubian if no Varm was found in the example and that would bring the range up to 100.
The random number assigned by the server to choose which rm is found would then HAVE to find something.

This leads me to believe that the Alazhixazha vehicle would have no benefit over a squad of hogs for finding Alazhi unless the score/value of your sensor/comp-ops kit had an effect on the random number OR
By using the Alazhixazha vehicle it's possible the server would ignore all other rm possibilities for the terrain type and assign Alazhi a range of 0-100 like this example

First Check: IS 55 in Alazhi (0 - 100) range ?? YES, so deposit Alazhi

To test the theory , you would need to prospect the area using Alazhixazha vehicles and then going back over the area with an equal amount of sensors using hogs or fks , then go back over using max sensor pack to determine if there wass any possibility of beating the slabs assigned score.

Thanks goes to Kip Kraytos for trying to explain the maths etc to me.

Are the sensors really low? Right now all prospecting vehicles are shown on the rules page as having 1 sensor. 

I can confirm that it is not just the rules page showing the vehicles with 1 sensor.
The hog i'm sitting in now has only 1 sensor showing.


Year 13 Day 195 21:36
Kip Kraytos
Kip Kraytos
Thanks Darian.

While the cockpit display does show 1 sensor for a groundhog i can confirm that when you start to prospect a slab the full 480 sensors for a squad of groundhogs seem to be calculated.


Year 13 Day 195 23:51
I wonder if anyone has bugbased the fact that the mining sensors are not showing the correct number?


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