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Year 13 Day 202 1:14
Dragomir Kies

Hello, before I go out to buy a dozen more Bacta tanks.

Is it actually possible in current system to put multiple npcs in separate Bacta Tanks for them to heal at same time ?


Year 13 Day 209 12:40
Dragomir Kies

and a Bump

Year 13 Day 210 22:20
Yes, as far as I know.

But you can only have 1 bacta tank per medical room.

Year 13 Day 216 7:11
Dragomir Kies

Thank you very much

Year 13 Day 227 23:11
Recently, I added an NPC into a bacta tank, onboard a Sprint, and discovered to my amazement that he's gonna be in there for ten hours!

Is this a bug? Or has something changed?

The Rules still say that a bacta tank session should take only 30 minutes (as stated at http://guide.swcombine.com/wiki/Medicine).

So, anybody else notice this? Any reason why it's now ten hours?



Year 13 Day 227 23:16
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Yeah, it's been changed, they now heal the subject fully, take a larger amount of time doing so, and let you wander around instead of nailing you to the floor.

Year 13 Day 227 23:44

Thanks, Ten.

Yeah, I noticed I'm no longer glued in position, staring blankly at the bacta tank door.

But wow, ten hours?!

I guess I'll wait until they're down to much less than 50%, before using the tanks. Makes healing your NPCs much more of a crap shoot: pull them out early, and make sure they're safe, or get the mot out of them and run them closer to the "Oh, God, what did I just do?!" threshold.



Year 13 Day 274 6:03
Justin Parker

"While being part of a medical action, neither you nor your target can move (exception: after applying a Bacta Patch, both you and your target can move)."

According to the medical rules. I should be able to move about after applying a bacta patch on my npc. But I cant.

I was told it was not a bug. Any ideas?

Year 13 Day 274 23:08
That rule is outdated; it is intended that you are unable to move.