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Year 13 Day 202 12:58
I am thinking of respawning as a Hutt, maybe a Gamorrean. What jobs out there would be available to me?

Year 13 Day 202 13:30
Kendall Holm

Couch Potato ... I think they are like heavily restricted


Year 13 Day 202 13:40
Cadeus Iram

Aye, pretty much.

Hutt Race Restrictions:
- Can't Pilot Freighter
- Can't Pilot Fighter
- Can't Pilot Debris (<-Dafuq would you be piloting debris for?)
- Can't Pilot Ground Vehicles
- Can't Pilot Speeders

Year 13 Day 202 13:41
Ric`zix Xichiz

Race Restrictions:
- Can't Pilot Freighter
- Can't Pilot Fighter
- Can't Pilot Debris
- Can't Pilot Ground Vehicles
- Can't Pilot Speeders

As a Hutt, you'll have the same race restrictions as myself (Yam`rii). Basically, you're stuck with using capital ships and barges. Which removes a few options, like prospecting, but also allows you to work around getting funneled into some tedious faction jobs, like hauling materials (which is dependent on the faction resources, there are capital ships capable of hauling materials).

If you do choose to respawn as a Hutt, remember not to allocate any skill points into skills you cannot use.

Year 13 Day 202 17:52
The Race team is looking at the restrictions for the various races that have them, and possibly removing them. For the moment though, you are looking at needing a capital ship to be mobile. Most factions should be able to satisfy that, and being in a navy with piloting of the capitals would be a good bet.


Year 13 Day 203 3:19


There is likely a change going to occur regarding restrictions, but I would never advise banking on it, simply for assurances sake.

As is, I had once attempted to play a Hutt due to the very fun IC possibilities. Unfortunately, starting off new, playing a Hutt is pretty much unbearable under most circumstances. The inability to fly a bulk, any fighter, any freighter, means you're flying usually slow capitals, and are incredibly limited in what you can/can't do.

The experiment lasted 3 months maybe before I said forget it and respawned. If you have the patience, it may be for you, but I'd warn anyone against it prior to.


Year 13 Day 203 4:00
Be an entrepenuer in the food industry.




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Year 13 Day 203 8:32
if some race restrictions are removed will some of the benefits also be removed then? race multiplier, skill points etc.


Year 13 Day 203 8:37
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

I've played a yam'rii for years. It's not that unbearable. Though piloting droids and npcs actually being able to chauffeur you around would be a big plus.

Year 13 Day 203 18:26
Yes Tyr, they would be.


Year 13 Day 203 18:43
Ric`zix Xichiz

Can I keep my restrictions and benefits? Just kidding. Seriously though, I chose to play a Yam`rii because of the benefits, and learned to work around the restrictions. Would be a little disheartening to get nerfed just to take advantage of something I don't even use.