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Archives » Trade Stations: Where to build
Year 13 Day 202 19:24
Shobba Pau


I am looking for some insight from experienced traders and station owners.

What are the pro's and cons of constructing a trading station in Deep Space versus in a controlled system?

Is it recommended a trading station be built in high traffic areas? i.e. Towards the core of the Galaxy as opposed to the Outer Rim?

In general, things to consider when building a Trade Station?

Thanks for your time..


Shobba Pau

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Six Stars is not enough...
Brand Malden

Well, they are going to be adding a feature called 'trade routes' which will change their function in ways we don't currently understand. I would asssume that building it near your production/high traffic areas might be very beneficial depending on how that update affects things.


Year 13 Day 206 13:26

See that page for more information.

Another issue with building in deep space is the increased cost of station construction due to the lowered system stats (as deep space coordinates have no planets to raise system stats). Consequently, if you're building, say, a shipyard in deep space, any ship you construct there will cost more and take longer to build.

Year 13 Day 208 18:24

Be careful about where you decide to place your stations. If the "deep space" you build in is inside a sector controlled by a group, they might not like you being there and might aim to make an example of you come combat.

I would suggest contacting whoever controls the sector before building, if only to let them know that you're a new neighbour.