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Year 13 Day 203 16:26
Force probability: 6%
HP Bonus: +3
Race Multiplier: 1.6

Perception: 1

- Rules Section

Highest Force Probability in the combine, +3 HP Bonus, pretty good race multiplier... and a bonus skill that is essential in creature/bandit hunting. Why are the Gand this powerful?


Year 13 Day 203 18:25
We are looking at fixing all the races at the moment.


Year 13 Day 204 2:23
The HP bonus is just a one-time thing and is fairly useless. Perception is also not a very strong skill (a set of macrobinoculars is significantly more powerful). It could be argued that the force % and race multiplier make it overpowered, but for comparison you have only to look at a race such as Noghri or Wookiee and you will find that their skills and race multiplier are significantly superior.

It is true, however, that the races are not particularly "normalized," but there have been many efforts at fixing this in the past and it tends to be vetoed in the end or otherwise stalled. But Gand are far from the more severe example (although to a certain degree it does also depend on your personal subjective ranking of traits, which certainly varies as it should).



Year 13 Day 204 7:03
I'm sure it has nothing to do with the former head of the race team being a Gand. >_>

Year 13 Day 204 8:31
This pondering about race stats was mostly made because despite how awesome the Gand are their stats just don't seem very Gand to me. The only Gand-like stat in there is the Perception.

Please note that if I was proposing changes to the Gand I would have posted this in the race forum.