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Year 13 Day 204 18:46
Is it better to prospect from the Surface for 7 hours or can I go down to the ground and prospect faster than 7 hours (12 FX-7s)?

Should I re-dock and move to the next sector or just move in the FX-7s (FX-7s take 2 hours to move to the next sector)

I also want to factor in moving to the next sector, so right now it's taking me 9 hours to do 1 square, just wondering if there is a faster way.

Year 13 Day 205 4:37
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
You cannot speed up prospecting other than through boosting your skills to 5. in our faction people are always told to take their ship with them when they move on as apart from anything else if we need the prospector to abandon their job and go elsewhere they dont have to spend days getting back to the ship.

There is no benefit in prospecting from the surface unless you absolutely have to, i you are using Groundhogs which cant move in atmosphere but then you get a better chance of finding deposits as a trade off.

Year 13 Day 205 5:25
Thanks for the info. After I posted I just started trying different things as well. I did find a slightly faster way, but nothing dramatic.