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Year 13 Day 205 9:20
Shobba Pau

Hey all,

Newb question regarding signature art.

How do I add a custom signature?

I was unable to find any info about that.. can someone point me to some literature or outline the steps for me?


Shobba Pau

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Six Stars is not enough...
Year 13 Day 205 10:06
Under Manage on the right menu: click Character, click Edit Profile at the top, then you can add your sig in the Signature box using HTML.



Year 13 Day 205 10:23
Shobba Pau


And if I know nothing of HTML? :)


photo avnew1.png
Six Stars is not enough...
Year 13 Day 205 11:53
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Google "halp i dont know any html".

Year 13 Day 205 14:40
When you hit "Reply" on a post in the forums, in fact, you can see a list of supported HTML tags to use that should help you out. If you have trouble getting them to work just post here with the details and someone can help you out.

Sidenote, please don't edit your topics to CLOSE in the question forums. :] We try to avoid closing the threads in here so players can search through them in case their questions have been answered in an existing thread, and as there is a search function that works by topic, it helps for the topic to stay useful/descriptive.

You can have as many threads here as you like, anyhow.

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