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Year 13 Day 211 8:55
Nah Olos
Nah Olos

I see a facility with a blast door at the entrance, I break the lock and go through. Now what?

Will that freshly broken lock be open to me still, if I turned around (after going through the door), or do I have to break the lock again?

if it remains unbroken, is it always unbroken to me? Is it only unbroken to me, or is broken to everyone?

If I'm the facility owner, do I have to downgrade and then rebuild it to secure it again?

Just curious.

Thank you.


Year 13 Day 211 10:23
After a door has been successfully hacked, it is set to open and can be moved through. However, there is a 50% chance that the owner of the entity will receive a warning that one of their doors has been hacked.


Year 13 Day 211 11:52
Nah Olos
Nah Olos
Thanks Vip.


Year 13 Day 211 11:53
That doesn't explain if the door needs to be replaced to be locked again... although if someone hacks your door you might want to put a better one in anyway.

I'm kind of curious to know the answer to the second half of this question.


Year 13 Day 211 12:52
After a door has been successfully hacked, it is set to open and can be moved through. However, there is a 50% chance that the owner of the entity will receive a warning that one of their doors has been hacked. 

Open means open, lock it again to re-seal it, no need to replace the door (at least that's how I interpret it).

Year 13 Day 211 13:41
It just opens it.

Year 13 Day 211 13:46
Hans Yond
Hans Yond
How long (timer 30 mins?) does it take to hack a lock?

the same time for all door grades?

And me thinks a warning should be issued Only when you fail to hack a lock..

otherwise you get nasty situations where before you even know if you hacked a door or not the owner gets a (too damn) convenient message sent to their inbox -_- image if the owner is in the next room -_-

50% is too random (unpredictable) & do i get a message the owner has been warned, if i'm doing the hacking?

This is a good opportunity for a droid to fill the role of warning you if someone unauthorized is on your ship OR trying to hack your door open, unless its disabled with a restraining bolt first -_-

CP reward, plz send to -----> Hans Yond <----Account

Year 13 Day 211 14:02
Nah Olos
Nah Olos
It took me 6 hours to hack one of my own blast doors. I'm not sure if the time is static, or bonuses are given for certain skills.

Thanks for the replies guys.


Year 13 Day 211 14:31
Hans Yond
Hans Yond
6 hrs wow, hmm maybe not so bad

xp was?

you lost 1 ELB per attempt?

sorry was it 6hr per try or total time until you broken in was 6hrs?

Year 13 Day 211 16:19
Nah Olos
Nah Olos
I got 30 xp for successfully breaking the lock. I think I may have also come across a bug, where I was able to break a lock on an unlocked door.

It was 6 hours per attempt on a blast door. i'm not sure if the times vary for regular and reinforced.

Also, I didn't lose any ELBs per attempt.


Year 13 Day 212 6:18
Hans Yond
Hans Yond
ok thx for the heads up

i was thinking,,,

Lv5 Theft Skill
1 hr, blast door

Lv4 Theft Skill
2 hr, blast door

Lv3 Theft Skill
3 hr, blast door

Lv2 Theft Skill
4 hr, blast door

Lv1 Theft Skill
5 hr, blast door

Lv0 Theft Skill
6 hr, blast door

or half the 6hr by 50% per theft level..

6hr lv0
3hr lv1
1.30hr lv2
45min lv3
30min lv4
15 or 20min lv5

Edited By: Hans Yond on Year 13 Day 213 3:02
Year 13 Day 213 4:32
There are equations for the time already. Please stop making suggestions here.


Year 13 Day 213 13:35
Hans Yond
Hans Yond
I was just thinking aloud don't get so upset so easily..

But the Other Forum is 'LOCKED' -_-

Is it going to be 'unlocked' now?

Year 13 Day 214 2:39
It's not locked, you are probably just banned from there for... you know... making bad suggestions?

Year 13 Day 214 9:16
Hans Yond
Hans Yond
Nah more like admin is still butt hurt for some reason & takes shit very personally.

No point repeatedly telling me to post in section X if i can't in the first place -_-

And pretending 'you' don't know why is also, extremely, wack.

Year 13 Day 214 12:07
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
There is equally little point in continually posting your thoughts in a section not intended for it, particularly if you ever want to be unbanned.

Year 13 Day 217 14:40
Deleted Post
Deleted by Gav. Reason: No. Make a Support Ticket.
Year 13 Day 217 16:50
Hans, if you want to raise a query on your ban. Make a support ticket. Complaining on the forums isn't the best way to go.