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Archives » Of Possessions & a Statute of Limitations?
Javin Beto

I have a request of sorts, if it would be at all possible, however I will indulge you in a little back story before I dive in... A couple years back, I was recruited to the Galactic Services Corporation (GSC) by Borrodin Tsaplev to be the Head of Logistics. I accepted the position and performed my job well, despite having also accepted a small ration of pay (ballpark of 100,000/month) in order to 'advance the faction'. However, within two months came the demise of my short lived career as Head of Logistics. As if the situation wasn't going south already, Borrodin decided to take the plunge. I have yet to be successful in finding out why the faction had been dissolved and why Borrodin Tsaplev had simply vanished, but I do know that the ranking members of the GSC were in a fervor the day he disappeared. Not many members were compensated for their time, let alone even fairly. All active ranking members within the faction had repeatedly DM'd Tsaplev after the faction dissolved, and for quite some time thereafter, but not one of us received a reply. Personally, I hope he found a sun...

Which brings me to the point of my message to you. When Borrodin disappeared, he simply cut ties and took off. Ships under the ownership of GSC were transferred to Borrodin when the faction went down, but I was still Commander of many of the ships. I have since unassigned myself from all but one and have continued to use it as needed. My question is whether I may take over ownership of the GR-75 Medium Transport PM-701 Respite [ID# 171799]. I have been Commander and Pilot of the Respite for the last two years, using it as necessary, and have had no contact from Borrodin what-so-ever, despite prior attempts. With that being said, if it is at all possible, I would humbly request that the ownership of the Respite be transferred to me. If this is not possible, perhaps an arrangement can be made to somehow purchase the ship...?

I was not sure who I should direct this to, so I thought it may be an appropriate question to raise here.

I would give it to him.

If they don't, fly here Javin:

Sector: Gordian Reach
System: Krylon (198, 282)
System Position: (15, 11)

There will be a free Gallo (AKA Gr-75) waiting on you.


Jenny's almost free raffle! 75m top prizzzzze!
Its highly unlikely the admins will interfere, it was an IC action that that person did. Whether they are inactive, or just ignoring people, technically its his right. If he was perma-banned you might have a chance. You could make a support ticket and ask the ASims, but be aware that they might just say no and leave it at that.


Buy it in-game if you can. If you cannot, you are out of luck (unless you can track down and kill the current owner in-game, in which case assets assigned to you would be made over).

Assets do not get made over by the ASims, though, even in situations of inactive/nonresponsive owners, because those individuals may return and wish to play again in the future. Many former players return years later and it would not be fair to hand out their assets in their absence.



This might seem a little morbid, but if something has happened to him IRL and you discovered proof of such, that would probably be the only way to receive ownership.

Conversely, assuming he's never coming back, you could wait a couple years until Combat is fully implemented and just steal it. =P

(We do not officially condone the IRL murder of other players for their assets. >.>)



*concocts a plan to get Syn's ear*

Javin Beto

Understood. Thanks for the replies.

Vinco`ut Vesica

To bad this player isnt perma banned and your trapped on his ship. The admins tend to make them over then......but the last one who did isnt here anymore >.>

Eh, that's arguable as well; depends on the nature of the ban. Often, bans originally intended to be permanent are cut short for various reasons.