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I am connected, via my ship's sensors and when on planet surface via a carried sensor, to a series of satellites, mostly Sysat T-24s.

Up until last week, all was well. An intelligent layout of sats would display everything within that system, or on that terrain square.

But now, some of the areas normally covered by the sat grid are not being covered. For example, an area in space that would normally be displayed (and has a satellite inside the area) is now not being read at all.

And a terrain square that displayed 100% coverage last week with multiple satellites, now only displays around 60% coverage (with the same number of satellites, all of which are still in place and not moved).

These are all faction owned, BTW, and have nothing to do with command or piloted status.

So, do I need to check the warranty on these things? And do I need to go looking for the original packaging they came in?

Because I'm pretty sure I already recycled those...

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Year 13 Day 227 23:55
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
Year 13 Day 228 0:05
Thanks, Blot.

I'll be following the discussion over there.

Mods, you can close this thread.