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Archives » Export Stations/Export Facilities CSV - "productionETA" Column
I took a quick search around for a relevant past thread, though not exactly a Thorough search, so I apologize in advance if there's an obvious answer listed somewhere on the forums for this.

Around July 8, 2012 (D221) for sure I exported the Facilities list from my faction inventory in CSV format, there's an productionETA column that shows just that. e.g. "Y13D311 15:35"

I do the same today, for instance, and the past couple times i've tried, and the column is gone. It used to be right between "isWorking" and "amountEarned."

As it wasn't there a couple months ago, and I'm pretty sure it only showed up when Zhao made those changes to the Inventory Select around day 207 or so, I figured it was a new feature being added in (at long last) rather than a bug. I first noticed it Gone again after that tech-issue on D209, but just last week it was back available again.

Can anyone enlighten me about this, cause it'd be massively useful to production work if we can get this consistently here for all relevant entities (as well as ConstructionETA if that has to be a different column).