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Year 13 Day 232 8:33
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

Quick question, I checked out a mostly empty planet a few months back and found a substantial number of bandits in the area on the ground. At least 1-2 groups per plot. Now, however, I'm having terrible trouble just finding one.

Did the rate of spawn change? Haven't been keeping up with all the sim news lately.

Year 13 Day 232 8:38
Kendall Holm

Are you on a Gas Giant (they dont spawn on those anymore) and with the new sensors revamp you have to move around and try to find them like creatures.


Year 13 Day 232 8:42
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Most likely the second thing. Bandits no longer show up outside of your sensor range.

Year 13 Day 232 9:50
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

No, I'm not on a GG.

Also, I'm flying around with 8 sensors, and get out to use my maco-binocular enhanced vision to get almost a complete look at the area.

Just creatures, no bandits.

Year 13 Day 232 10:33
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Just bad luck, then. Happens sometimes.

Year 13 Day 232 10:38
On this topic, can you leave a city where you killed bandits then return to the same city and have more bandits spawn?

Year 13 Day 232 11:02
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Leave as in go to another tile and double back, yes. Leave as in hitting travel and cancelling, no.

Year 13 Day 232 11:50
It was the first scenario. Thank you.

Year 13 Day 232 14:51
Ten as the question involved cities I think it might involve:

Can bandits spawn in cities? Which last I heard was a no.


Year 13 Day 232 14:55
We're talking about terrain squares.

Year 13 Day 232 16:02
Ah, forget I said anything.


Year 13 Day 232 20:52
I killed a squad of bandits today, while on a GG. So unless they changed it in the past few hours, bandits DO spawn on GGs.

Year 13 Day 232 21:26
Ric`zix Xichiz

Bandits AND Creatures both spawn on Gas Giants (I have no idea if that's intentional or not), and now only within sensor range. I did have a problem trying to kill them though, because I get an error when I try to exit onto the terrain. I assume I'm missing some piece of equipment, or it's a bug.

Year 13 Day 232 22:57
Well, nothing has a gas giant terrain allowance (not even with items) at the moment, so though creatures and bandits may be there, it's impossible to hunt them.


Year 13 Day 233 9:03
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

Alright, I'll rephrase my question given that I'm leaving the planet anyways, do "Darkness" controlled planets not spawn bandits?

Year 13 Day 233 9:59
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

I'm staring at two parties right now, on a Darkness controlled planet.

Year 13 Day 233 22:52
Dijiaca Corilijic Koppar

I apparently has a really had a really unlucky couple of days worth of searching, then. On a separate note, you don't have to deploy rocket launchers. Neat.

Year 13 Day 234 7:20
Of course you can hunt them Ellias. Land > Spot Bandits/Creatures > Slab > Hunt

Year 13 Day 234 20:14
Fair enough, but thats an expensive way of doing it, plus they won't spawn there any more.