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Year 13 Day 253 12:22
But that's not going to happen, is it? Being tested every day, that is.

FS players have far roo much to do, and are too limited in their activities, to be able to keep checking already-tested players.

And I'm not arguing over the Force testing device, which as a machine trying to duplicate a human ability, shouldn have a built-in error, Computer Ops skill or not.

What I am outraged by -- yes, there, I said it (:^D) -- is that a reliable expert on the Force can be mistaken.

And Mikel, knowing OOC why new players come to a Star Wars site, denying them an accurate reading by a Jedi is just plain wrong. Maybe it's only denying a handful of players, but in the long run, those numbers add up.

If a Jedi can be mistaken about something so basic to the Star Wars universe as a basic Force test, then weapons should jam, ships' hyperdrives should occasionally burn out, and cities and planets should be thrown into chaos by the random meteor or solar flare.

But they don't. They are 100% failure-proof. So should the FS test, if for no other reason than it may -- I say may -- keep players involved that would otherwise shuffle off this galactic coil.

Year 13 Day 253 12:38
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Clearly it's not an expert if they fail. A well-trained force sensitive can sense it without much margin for error, yes. Just like they can in swc.

Year 13 Day 253 13:08
The fact that the FS knows if he fails and can immediately re-test the individual kind of negates the entire argument here.

Also... Jedi were notoriously bad at force detection in canon and used machines to do the testing for them, as seen in Episode I when Qui-Gonn Jinn uses blood analysis because he suspected FS in young Skywalker.


Year 13 Day 253 13:54
Hans Yond

A FD has limited uses though might be better just to reduce the number of uses then and make it 100% accurate..

well if a FS could suppress their connection to the force through the use of a FS ability then FS Pc's could then negate somewhat the effectiveness of a detector that is always able to see that connect in a PC.

force detector 5 tries 100% accurate? maybe 3? And FS PC's and turn off their connect to the force similar to meditating or training?

Year 13 Day 253 14:00
Mesh, that's not exactly accurate:

Qui-Gonn knew very early that Anakin was "strong in the Force," he just needed a test to see how high his midi-chlorians numbers were (yeah, I know, we don't use the "tiny-little-microbes-swimming-in-your-atoms" concept here).

But this is a simulation: if we were 100% canon, many thing would be different.

We're talking about a simulation that offers various possible character skills. All well and good. But to not be honest with a player that those skills are present, is, in my eyes (all of three of them), just a truly bad concept.

Imagine if you had to go to a "Certified Heavy Weapons Expert" in order to be able to use a Rocket Launcher, and then finding you weren't capable, then realizing down the road that you were capable of doing that all along?

We're not always in canon in the Combine. There are plenty of changes, especially where Force Use comes into play, to make the game more playable, and yes, more enjoyable for the players. To withhold info from those players on a very significant element of the simulation, based on random chance that does not need to be included, but could be removed at any time --

Well, you already know how I feel about that.

Year 13 Day 253 14:05
There are three possible results to a force test:
  1. 1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Try Again

If the result is #3 then the FS doing the test immediately knows that they have to retry. I don't see a problem with this, it's not like your not gonna have the second test completed in an hour.


Year 13 Day 253 14:34
Hans Yond

dude if a force detector had 3 uses with guaranteed results then i'd be happy with that instead of 10 uses with a (50%) chance to get it right; will probably lose most tries to failures this way

Year 13 Day 253 14:35
Or you can find someone with a decent Comp Ops skill to use it on you.

This is literally the dumbest conversation ever.

Year 13 Day 253 16:14
Really? Dumbest conversation ever?

Mikel, we're talking about one of the salient feature of any Star Wars-related game. And we're discussing whether the Combine should make the use of Force a simple yes-or-no proposition.

If you think this is "dumb," then you and I have a very different idea of what the Combine can be.

Year 13 Day 253 16:28
Deleted Post
Deleted by Gav. Reason: Blah Blah Blah.. Basically says venturing into suggestions territory. Just no insults.
Year 13 Day 253 16:35

This has been answered, and preventing it going to suggestion territory.

Suggestions go to suggestions forum.

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