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Archives » Heavy Weapons vs. Projectile Weapons
Lorenzas Atticus

Looking at the new skill definitions it looks like Heavy Projectile Weapons skill has been moved to Ground skill category which is fine but I have a question:

I have a Stouker as my primary weapon. It looks like I should invest in the new Heavy Weapons category but I was wondering if investing in Projectile Weapons helps me using this weapon or not.

Also I have a Morgukai Glaive I would like to be able to use. Is Dexterity the best skill for this weapon?

There's only one skill taken into account, so if the weapon is classified as a heavy weapon it will use the heavy weapon skill.

Same for the Morgukai Glaive. I don't know how exactly dexterity works, but the "best" skill for a weapon is going to be its associated weapon skill.

Lorenzas Atticus

How about Dexterity then? Will a higher Dexterity score help me hit more often with a Heavy Weapon or just the weapons in the General skill category?

Currently nothing at all, and work on ground combat has not yet started. I wouldn't be surprised if it affected HW, though, as there is no separate skill for it, but I couldn't say so with 100% confidence as there are no rules available yet.



Ground Combat is partially implemented, but several of the skills were revised....

Stouker's are listed as a Heavy Weapon, if you intend to use it as your primary then I would recommend at least a level of 3 in Heavy Weapons (Ground Skill). At some point (if not already implemented...) this skill will relate to how much damage you actually do with that type, with a higher level you should hit for higher amounts on average before reductions (armor/force skills/etc) take place.

Dexterity is supposed to affect your chances to hit a target (opposite of Dodge) and likely will determine how many of your "Maximum Hits" will be applied for damage. Similarly to weapon skills, a low Dexterity score may mean less hits being applied (and thus less damage potential) on average than a higher score.

Glaives were previously listed as a thrown weapon, but the rules for that type of weapon have not been clearly defined and no recommendation can be made for you at this time.