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Year 13 Day 242 19:24
Luke Winslow

Just something that's been bugging me. Why are sensors asymmetric?

Notice the third rows from the center have three two sensor power tiles but the third columns from the center only have one two sensor power tile.


For other examples see vision rules page

Year 13 Day 242 21:02
You might also ask the question, "Why do the corner squares -- still only 1 square away from the center -- rate only a 2, not a 4?"

Thinking of it this way: if you try to access the center square along a diagonal path, you'll only have to pass through a total of 5 scanning points (1, 2, 2), as opposed to crossing directly east-west or north-south, where you'll encounter 10 scanning points (1, 1, 2, 2, 4).

Seems to me that these scanning amounts should be the same, no matter which way you approach a target.

Unless, of course, the graphic is inaccurate, and scanning is more equal than this image suggests.

Also, if the image depicts an entity with a Scanner ability of 8, shouldn't the range of the scan be 8, not 5, as this image suggests?



Year 13 Day 242 21:37
More than likely just a mistake when somoene made teh image. Although, it seems that recently sensors/perception was changed slightly so that is likely incorrect anyway.


Year 13 Day 243 8:26
As sensor 8 reveals a lot farther out than 5 squares, I'm assuming making the very informed scientific conclusion that the image is out of date.

Edit: Fixed a small grammatical error that Kendall was so kind to point out.

Edited By: Mesh`la Daryc on Year 13 Day 243 8:39

Year 13 Day 243 8:28
Kendall Holm

Never Assume anything. But yeah the image is out-of-date


Year 13 Day 243 9:47
I am willing to draw a new version.
Would anyone tell he how it should look like?