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Archives » Sharing sensors / sensor packs
Year 13 Day 243 9:47
Kain Elderan

Has sharing sensors with your ships or with NPCs equipped with sensor packs changed? I know that before I could drop a ship off at the location of the target I was going after and then move to range to fire even though the target was outside my personal perception range. Now I can only see the range my perception allows me to.

I also had my wife check if an NPC equipped with a biological sensor pack would reveal targets outside perception range - they did not.

Is this a bug or is this as intended? If as intended it makes perception one of the most valuable skills in the game for combat. If it's a bug I'll gladly put in the bug report.


Year 13 Day 243 10:04
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

This is as intended. The situation before, where there was an exception for bandits, was just for easy testing purposes.

Year 13 Day 243 10:47
Kain Elderan

So what's the point of sensor packs then? Or of sharing sensors at all? It makes no sense that I can place an NPC or ship directly on top of another entity but cannot use that to to assist in "spotting". How will anyone be able to use sniper rifles with a range of 14-15, if the max your perception skill allows you to see is 6?


Year 13 Day 243 10:57
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Sensor sharing still works as long as both yourself and the other person are equipped with the sensor pack. (...I assume, I suppose it could be indeed broken; if it doesn't work with both of you having a sensor sharing item equipped, that's not intended)
The only intended change was the one to limit bandits to sensor range just like creatures are.

Year 13 Day 243 17:44
In addition, you never shared sensors with a ship that did not have an assigned pilot inside/in the cockpit. You'd have to have another PC in the ship and assigned as pilot for it to share sensors.


Year 13 Day 243 20:25
Brand Malden

Would a pilot droid work for that?


Year 13 Day 244 1:53
Pilot droids maintain the course of a vessel (ie - keep it in hyper, make sure it doesn't make an unscheduled crash) while the assigned pilot moves around in vehicles/ships that have been docked inside.

Year 13 Day 244 7:59
So, unless they've changed something, no.