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Archives » Custom NPC' longer Customized?
With the arrival of a skill reset, we saw the implementation of a few "skill templates" for each of the NPC types. For balance issues, it makes sense that NPC's have to follow the same basic "setup rules" as us rather than having 35-40 SP's assignable anywhere...but I was under the impression a Custom NPC was supposed to be just that, an NPC custom-tailored to our tastes/RP requirements. All of my custom NPC's have essentially become mirror images (race aside) of one another because of a template that was made for them.

Would it not have made more sense for the owner to have to manually set them up "like a new character" rather than this?

Edit - Something else I noticed, because of the templates applied to these customs they do not have "extra" unassigned skillpoints from racial bonuses as a normal NPC hire is supposed to. To provide an example, my Falleen custom NPC has a Diplomacy/Trading of 4 (Racial is 3) which is identical to one of my Human Customs. The Falleen NPC is level 4, and has only 4 unassigned skillpoints....that number should be 7. The Human custom NPC on the other hand is a level 12, and has 9 extra unassigned skill should have at least 11.

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They have had a skill set since all the others got assigned one as well. Since custom NPCs, like any other, allowing them to assign all the skill points yourself like before would mean that you could put all 40 into combat skills.


Ellias, you completely missed my question.....

Would it not have made more sense for the owner to have to manually set them up "like a new character" rather than this?

- 1st Post

New characters (like with our reset) have to prioritize categories, thus allowing for the "customization" of their character without creating an all powerful individual. This template that was applied to Custom NPC's removes "choice" in their development, giving them no more RP significance than Civil/Military NPC's, and it wasn't just applied to standard custom was applied to ALL of them. NPC's which were created as a result of a dropped character had their skill sheets completely wiped in favor of this new template.

Sounds more like a suggestion...


I thought Custom NPCs were RP-Only anyway (IE They can't perform any actions that require skills), so what does it matter whether their skills are assignable one way or another?

Kay, people are using them in the place of Military NPCs. Some people like to have a custom NPC sergeant to lead their squad.


Wait, so the Custom NPCs can fight?

all npc's can fight if they have a weapon to do so with

Yeah, currently any NPC, such as a bartender, can fight, but we have always told people not to rely on Custom NPCs continuing to do so in the future.