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Year 13 Day 244 8:39

Howdy doody all, I woke up this morning to check out my greatness on this myopic short sighted site that cannot take a joke reflected on it and it pseudo elite ignorant hypocrites . to read this "You are Banned
Reason:  Permanent Ban. Trolling and Inappropriateness for the Game."

I was so surprised, and distraught reading this I say, how could this be truly how could this be this ignorant illiterate attack on my breast how could this be.... I assume this must be a mistake, because just like the last Permanent Ban, I got from one of your art queens for calling "him" a "child" was overturned by a more homogeneous generous mind, I'm sure this tragedy of the ages will also be overturned

now children I know sometimes you get a little upset with me because I do treat you like children, and the half-wits you act like towards me. and you acted that way for years towards me in the game, but you should not get to upset, you see I do not get upset because I no it a game. syn once said to me " I do not want to know you, who are what you are. "as a response to his first banning of me. I never had words with the man before in my whole life. he was a ignorant twit to me

and really Permanent Ban for Trolling and Inappropriateness on this site. this site where unsolicited comments are given out like candy at halloween

and now you all say I was Inappropriate for what, for couple a funny voices posting pictures of silly people self, deprecating humor against you.

I am Inappropriate.... well I guest for this site. I do make all my threads PG 13. I do not curse. and I do not attack people in real life only their the character in persona. in the the game. but I will say it is not my fault there are people in this game that they cannot distinguish reality and delusions. I blame their parents.

thank you for you time.

Year 13 Day 244 9:06
This was an action discussed and agreed by the administration.

Permanant Ban.
(Posted by Gav on Year 13 Day 242 21:34)

Star Wars Combine is a Free Online Multiplayer Game designed to bring together fans of the Star Wars franchise and create a community based around enjoyment of both Star Wars and the Combine itself. The game is intended to be an enjoyable experience for all those involved, and we as the administration do our best to create an enjoyable experience.

However, at times, we find that in maintaining a fair and fun game for others must exclude those that wish to damage the experience for the whole. It is specifically for this reason that Mayet Mado has been permanently banned from Star Wars Combine. The actions of this player have been deemed to be counter to the spirit of the game.

As a reminder, we the administration retain the right to terminate any accounts that we find to be in violation of the spirit of the game. This game does not exist for individuals, but for the community at large, and we will defend the right for that community to enjoy the game.


Year 13 Day 244 9:09
syn once said to me " I do not want to know you, who are what you are. " 

Liar. I am definitely more literate than that.



Year 13 Day 244 9:14
Post is a statement not a question therefore closing

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