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Year 13 Day 245 0:08
Kuro Neko

When bandits fire at us, do they the opportunity to make a *BAM CRITICAL* hit on us?


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Year 13 Day 245 0:49
Yes they do, according to their own weapon skill stat, although I don't recall offhand what that stat is.

Also worth noting that Zhao mentioned planning to nerf bandit stats accordingly, but I am not sure if that has already taken effect. He was already asleep when I thought to ask.



Year 13 Day 245 1:51
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Yes they do, according to my poor NPC that just took a whopping five damage from a critical hit.

Year 13 Day 247 9:34
Mika Noris

Asked before, but no reply :(

Can creatures land a critical hit on player or his party members ?

And if so, what determines a % chance, as creatures don't have weapon skill (as far as I'm aware of)


Year 13 Day 247 13:59
No weapon skill = no crit.



Year 13 Day 247 14:23
Though if Strength becomes the weapon skill for all of those unarmed attacks, I'd imagine they'd have a chance to land a critical hit, no?

Year 13 Day 247 17:53
If. That is not the case at this time.



Year 13 Day 247 21:23
If Lightsaber combat is controlled using some hokey mystical energy called the Force, does that mean, since they aren't using a Weapons skill, that they can't do a *BAM CRITICAL* on us non-Force users?

Year 13 Day 247 21:57
No, the reason FS players can't land a critical on you is because players cannot currently attack other players. Once they can, I am sure they will be able to crit on you.



Year 13 Day 247 22:10

What if I squeeze my eyes closed real tight, and repeat over and over:

"There's no such thing as the Force! There's no such thing as the Force!"


Thanks, Syn. Figured as much.

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