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Year 13 Day 245 15:10
Kyota Navic

hey i have a question about ic/ooc seperation. every singal faction including nr and ge asks who their past lives were. is it allowed? like on recruitment.


Year 13 Day 245 15:16
The NR does not ask about previous characters in the application stage. It asks about your spawn date, previous employment on this character, contact with other factions, experience, and goals.

Year 13 Day 245 15:17

The easy solution would be to say that you didn't have a previous character.

Technically, it's poor IC/OOC Separation to ask such a thing, but at the same time, given how poor players tend to separate on their own, I see the reasoning. Its the catch 22 of our game. We tell people that their past lives are the past, but more often than not, while the character may change, the person behind the character has the same persona. :/


Year 13 Day 245 15:24
Kyota Navic

ankha yes they do, they've asked me multiple times when i joined.


Year 13 Day 245 16:12
Asking out of curiosity =/= forcing you to tell as a stipulation for joining.

Year 13 Day 245 16:16
Kyota Navic

it was pretty clear it was a requirement. they said "we need you to answer these questions so we can get you through recruitment" if i didn't answer they would have not let me through.


Year 13 Day 245 17:42
They are permitted to ask. They are permitted to reject you for any reason they like, even if they just don't like you as an OOC entity. None of those things are or can be monitored. IC/OOC separation is typically only bannable when it involves the transfer of assets from your old to your new character, or such a behavior. Beyond that, it's poor RP but there is no rule against poor RP.

So as has been suggested, you are absolutely free to lie about your past characters. They can ask and you can lie; neither of those things violate any rules.



Year 13 Day 245 21:30
To clarify, the GE does not ask about past characters. We consider that an IC/OOC separation in such a contact (even if the others do not).

I would be more than willing to show the administration our debrief communique if there are any concerns.

(Edit: Not to say we won't deny you based on past characters if you did something seriously egregious against us... because that would be sort of stupid.)

Edited By: Mikel von Bianchi on Year 13 Day 245 21:32
Year 13 Day 245 21:40
What I'm not sure on in this situation is:

Are you allowed to say you were someone else in a past life?


Year 13 Day 245 21:58
Well said Mikel.

Regardless of what has been said, the same questionnaire is sent to all new recruits which includes precisely what I've already listed. I'm sure any member of the NR Recruitment Team would be more than willing to forward the questionnaire if it were ever necessary.

Year 13 Day 245 22:26
Are you allowed to say you were someone else in a past life? 

As long as you are not impersonating another individual.



Year 13 Day 245 23:24
Let me jump in for NR's clearance force.

We don't ask about your past characters. All questions are pertinent to your current character.

If a person chooses to tell us about his past characters it's up to them. If we discover the person had a previous character on our own it doesn't change the approval process.

New character means new chance. We're willing to give people that benefit of the doubt.