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Year 13 Day 246 10:48
I finally got around to hunting Bandits. Killed several handfuls but nothing dropped. My question is are Bandit Drops on a chance basis like success on building a blast door?

I'm beginning to think my blasters are too powerful and I'm simply disintegrating everything I hit. Thanks for any assistance in this matter. Cheers!


Year 13 Day 246 10:51
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

I'm not sure what other basis you think there would be to determine drops. There's a 5% chance with every kill. Luck is a fickle mistress.

Year 13 Day 246 13:05
That's a perfect answer Teya. Thanks!


Year 13 Day 246 13:11
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Sure thing.

Year 13 Day 246 16:56
That is a 5% to drop an item the bandit was carrying. If they are not carrying say... a Nightstinger, there is a 0% chance you will get a Nightstinger. If they are carrying a Nightstinger and say Worker Coveralls, if you are lucky and get that 5% drop, there is an even chance (50% in this case) it will be the coveralls and not the Nightstinger. And so on with 3, 4, 5, etc items.

Year 13 Day 246 17:06
Christian Hall

Someone said that there is a 0.7% chance that a fully decked out bandit will drop a particular item. So there is only a 0.7% chance the bandit will drop that Nightstinger/HBA/etc you see him wearing.

Year 13 Day 246 20:35
I have not done the math on that 0.7% but that number would depend on how many items the bandit was carrying. I have no idea if all of the potential bandit fitouts are fully decked out. I assume that there are some bandits that carry heavy items and are not fully loaded in every slot. Maybe some dont have a helmet or some dont have a utility item.
If they are carrying just a Vertical locker and an E-Web it would be a 2.5% chance to get a Locker and a 2.5% chance to get an Eweb if you killed him.
You would be able to see he has the E-Web because he shoots you with it, and you would know he is not wearing armor when your shots are not absorbed. But beyond that you have no idea he has a vertical locker, or anything else for that matter. You only find out what they have if you kill them and are lucky to get that 5%.

Year 13 Day 246 20:43
When you are on the Scanner page you can click on the bandits one by one to inspect them and see what they have equipped.



Year 13 Day 247 15:25
!!!! is that a new feature? I did not know that was a possibility and I was hunting them for a month when the feature was first released. How did I miss that?

Year 13 Day 248 13:31
So I guess a mass killing spree is necessary to get a few trinkets. Sweet! =)
Thanks All!


Year 13 Day 252 22:42
I have scanned numerous gangs of bandits and none have items listed on the right of screen when you scan.

Does this mean they have no items to drop OR that I just canny detect them.

Also re the Creature drop. I have killed a few and none have dropped anything. I figure when one does, it just makes it a better experience as a player. The XP factor is enough to keep hunting.

Did I hear something about taming creatures coming soon(TM)?


Year 13 Day 252 23:54
Are you sure you are scanning them correctly? You must be on the ground, outside of your ship, and click the one you wish to scan. The outfit display will pop up. All bandits have items equipped.

I don't know what you have heard, but there has been no official word indicating the ability to tame creatures. Disregard anything you hear from other players as rumors until such a time that something is announced/actually being developed.



Year 13 Day 253 2:19
Uh, isn't 'taming' creatures now just breeding them from eggs? Would seem silly for them to introduce that method, then later allow you to capture them, epseically with the low drop rate of eggs.


Year 13 Day 253 7:36
^^^ Agree

Syn .. will try again .. thanks for the response