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Year 13 Day 247 9:42
Mika Noris

I'm trying to figure out, what determines the number of character's HPs (apart of starting points, level and strength)

I have a squad of NPCs, all the same race as my character, all with same strength as my character.

Two of them, have the same number of HPs as me, although they are on much lower level of experience than me (7 levels of the difference)

Two have 20 HPs less, 8 levels of the difference.

Eight of them on 30 HPs less, 9 levels of the difference.

After skills reset, my HPs increased by about 30 points (strength stays the same as before)

So would like to know, is it a bug, and either I have less HPs than I should, or my NPCs are having more than they should have..... Or there is another factor I don't know about.


Year 13 Day 247 10:19
HP of NPC have not been altered to current rules as that would kill the server (I heard.)
HP will be adjusted to match the rules once they level the next time.


Year 13 Day 247 10:40
Their HP also seems to correct itself when you spend skill points for them.


Year 13 Day 247 10:51
Mika Noris

That's strange, as HPs of other NPCs seems to correct itself after assigning skills:

"Year 13 Day 240, 15:11 You have upgraded Charratha Erollisi's Dexterity skill to 3 for 2 points, and subsequently his/her HP has increased to 155 (+30 HP)."

and NPCs's in question, doesn't :

"Year 13 Day 240, 15:04 You have upgraded Zeth Wain's Strength skill to 3 for 2 points."

Is the factor, that all NPCs are above 10 level, affecting that ?


Year 13 Day 249 4:28
Jake Peterson

I had the same issue where the same race/type/level NPC level up and I upgrade the same skill to the same level. For example, PW skill from 2 to 3.

One NPC has a HP boost while the other does not. I find it odd and thought perhaps there is a bug. But running through the equation for HP. Their displayed HP are correct.

So it could be that some of them updated their HP somehow while some dont. But they all updated to the same HP after the skill allocation.

Year 13 Day 249 10:37
Mika Noris

And that's the problem - these NPCs in question, won't level up, as they're all above level 10 - and after recent changes, that's maximum level, NPCs can reach.

What I'm finding confusing, is why NPC, with the same strength as me (at the time when I posted that), same race, but 7 levels of experience less than me, have exactly the same number of HPs as my character.