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Archives » NPC Targeting for Return Fire
Year 13 Day 248 15:03
As combat stands right now, any NPC you hit who's weapon has enough range to hit you, will return fire after they're hit, regardless of whether or not they have a sensor reading on your square.

Is there any chance this will be changed in the future?

Also, will the same hold true in PvP? Meaning, if I'm holding a 9-range weapon, but my sensor only covers 7 squares, will I auto-return fire if attacked?

Inquiring minds want to know.



Year 13 Day 248 18:44
No, we're not going to let you stand outside range and be beyond recourse. If you initiate Combat, your opponent is going to be able to attack back, as long as their weapons have the range to hit you.

The difference will be, when their aggression is enabled, they'll have to move into range before they will attack you independently.

Year 13 Day 248 19:31
Perfectly fair.

Will that operate the same way in PvP, meaning that if you shoot someone, they (or their NPCs) will auto-return fire, regardless of Perception range?

Year 13 Day 249 21:20
I would imagine. If their weapons are out of range though they'd obviously just be firing wildly.

Year 13 Day 250 22:45

A bit of a shame for any tricksy hobbit using a Xerrol Nightstinger. I mean, the whole point of that thing is to remain hidden from return fire, regardless of the range the weapon was shot from.


Year 13 Day 250 23:27
So, unless you happen to be fighting someone else wielding a Nightstinger, it's not going to be an issue because their weapons will be out of range.

Year 13 Day 250 23:52
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

The real question is whether they will home in on you even if you up and move shop.

Year 13 Day 251 10:17
NPCs/Creatures? I'd imagine that they'd simply move toward your last known location.

Year 13 Day 251 14:04
I would also expect if for some reason they could see you (imagine if bandits could use other bandits' sensors!), they would continue to move toward you until you were out of their perception range.