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Archives » Skill for installing doors
Year 13 Day 249 7:25
Biffis Maximus

Out of curiosity, why is Crafting/Slicing the skill that determines the success in installing doors? It seems that the Repair skill might be more closely related to that action. Consider that if one is skilled in ship repair, that means that person knows how to use tools and understands the structure of ships enough to be able to fix damage. That seems more closely aligned with door installation than the ability to craft a keycard, sew a force robe, or pick a lock.

Year 13 Day 249 7:27
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

I think the reasoning was that breaking in also meant you could lock it in the first place.

Year 13 Day 249 7:28
Kendall Holm

Because you are crafting a door not repairing a door?

here is the definition of craft (verb)

which makes complete sense in the way we use it

Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 13 Day 249 7:31

Year 13 Day 249 7:35
The skills relating to both creating a door, and breaking down a door were also merged.

Apart from that, the definition Kendall gave above is correct.


Year 13 Day 249 9:29
Biffis Maximus

Thanks for the clarification. Obviously, I was interpreting "crafting" more along the lines of arts, fine motor skills, etc. This makes sense.