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Archives » climate damage race characteristics
Just wondering since i'v looked on the planetary grids environments under race characteristics and only shows 3 races out of so many

I'm asking this because i'm a Talz i'm wondering if they don't take cold damage (probably a stupid question looking at them but what i'm asking is that is it implemented that they don't? or is going to be implemented in the future)

Edited By: Orto Sentak on Year 13 Day 249 15:32
mmm at the moment I dont think there's any races with environments bonus/weakness.

Actually from what i'v found there are 3 just gonna copy and paste what it says for ya
but just not sure if the others are implemented and just ain't been put on there or just haven't been implemented yet

pasted \/
Some races have special characteristics that protect them in certain environments and harm them in others.

Gand & Kel Dor
May breathe without the aid of protective items on planets with a toxic atmosphere. Require a Breathing Mask when on planets with an oxygen rich atmosphere.

Loss of HP for Gand & Kel Dor on oxygen rich planets has not yet been implemented.

Can survive without the aid of protective items on planets with no atmosphere.

Edited By: Orto Sentak on Year 13 Day 249 16:14
When atmo damage was introduced, the idea was that certain races would be able to ignore them. The 3 listed were supposed to be examples that would be expanded upon later. I'm not sure that those 3 races work as it says there. Might be something we need to look at again.