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Year 13 Day 252 1:37
Nathan Miller

How long will selecting our new skills remain an option rather than something we are forced to do before continuing to play?

Year 13 Day 252 1:55
I don't believe there is any deadline, as inactive players would be screwed should they return.

But playing without skills will only harm you, in the end. :p



Year 13 Day 252 2:25
Nathan Miller

Inactive players would still be able to select their new skills upon their return, just not do anything till they had, if it became something you had to do. So they wouldn't really be screwed.

Obviously playing without skills would hold you back if you are taking advantage of ground combat opportunities and the like but if, as in my case, you aren't doing many activities that are overly reliant on skills it could still be a valid choice to leave them unset until the rules develop further. Of course I doubt I have the patience to wait that many years or will go that long without needing a skill for something but I was curious.

Year 13 Day 252 4:46
Sure, you don't need to, but nearly all features do use some skills by now. You can do anything with a skill of 0, just not as effectively. If that's fine with you, then right on. No one will stop you. :p



Year 13 Day 253 7:42
Val Crow

Sorry for occupying this thread, but my question is on topic, and for asking a question that may have been answered previously.

I acknowledge that Admins shouldn't reset skills on a regular basis, but considering the ongoing changes in ground combat including HP equation, is a 2nd skill reset in the near future being considered or discussed?


Year 13 Day 253 9:06
It is certainly possible, but only if the definition of skills should change so much that it is warranted, which is not currently the case. In other words, don't count on it, but potentially find yourself pleasantly surprised if it were to occur.