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Archives » Randomized combat made it... un-random?
Perhaps I've just hit the mother of all rng streaks, or I missed the change announcement (I did look, mind you, pretty extensively before making this topic), but I've noticed an oddity.

Ever since the undocumented change to fully randomize party combat (namely the order in which you attack) to allow random turn order for your npcs - so the same 2-3 don't get the shaft- it seems that npc squad leaders for both creatures and bandits have become untargetable so long as there is a squad. I've tried this with several packs/squads in the last few days and every time; the leader always goes untouched (never even fired at) until every other squad member is dead.

Was this intended? I mean, for the sake of the idea that the leader should be preserved by the squad (I picture it as them literally stepping in to take the bullet), I can understand it. But similarly, it does not work that way for PCs; we can still be randomly targetted and hit while our team is up, but that lead pack animal or bandit leader seems to be impervious to shots until everything else is dead.

Any word on what's up with this? Or have I just been imagining it based on the strangest RNG streak known to man?


Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Yeah, that is as intended. Not sure why the same doesn't apply to player squads, but that's how it is.