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Year 13 Day 254 0:12
I'm retooling my SY1... It's going to take 1d and 4hrs! Is there a reason the retooling process takes so long now? D:


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Year 13 Day 254 0:49
If you consider 1 day a long time, then maybe this game isn't right for you ...

Compare it to RL: You need to change or reprogram every piece of equipment to start construction on a different entity. That can take a lot longer than one day.

Year 13 Day 254 2:22
It depends on the size of the entity you are retooling to. Items take a few hours to retool to I believe, with vehicles, ships etc taking longer as they get bigger. I think anyway.


Year 13 Day 254 2:31
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

If only there were an equation that would explain it all. Preferably one found on the production rules page, under the retooling section. It would probably be something like retool = Ln(Volume Capacity / 7750).

Year 13 Day 254 9:21
Yeah I was always under the impression the Rules page on that was accurate and retooling time was based on the volume capacity of the production facility/station. Factory and Labs are small, Then a SY1, Naval Shipyard, Factory space station, SY2, SY3 and finally SY 4
Did I miss any?