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Year 13 Day 256 16:16

I have tried all the alternatives save a different browser, this being because I no longer have a computer and can only use safari on my iPhone.

My handle is Wrazbyram Mason Dypt. I don't want to post any other info here.

Year 13 Day 256 19:18

I failed to login using my iphone. Now using my com, it kept logging out.. At the ship control page. The system is correctly shown, however, the parts below the bar (where the travel/action buttons of the ships is) requested me to login.. o_O

Thank you.

Year 13 Day 256 19:19

I am Justin Parker. The above post is mine too. Looks like it kept logging out.. LOL.

Year 13 Day 256 22:08

Wrazbyram again, managed to log in momentarily, clicked on forum link, only to be logged out again. I realize this may be an unsolvable matter, so I ask only that the administration hasten to inform me as to weather I should put forth any more effort, or simply bid farewell to the combine.

Year 13 Day 256 22:12

^follow up

Erm.. If the update is up then it is not working for me. I still have to login almost every step I make. For example, after login I click on the ship controls and have to login again. Focus scanning, login again and such.

I hope I am giving you the impression that I am impatience while I am not. The reason I am making all these post is so that the issue can be fixed before someone else come across them. :)

Trying to be helpful here. :)

- J -

Year 13 Day 256 22:28
Deleted Post
Deleted by Syn. Reason: It's fine.
Year 13 Day 256 23:58

Which Browser are you using?

Year 13 Day 257 0:41

Safari on iPhone and google chrome on pc.

- J -

Year 13 Day 257 1:09
I found that it kept logging me out on my android browser as well. Looks like any browser that isn't IE/FF is not allowing the new security stuff to work and causing it to log out.


Year 13 Day 257 7:47
Kendall Holm

Thats not true my Android Web Browsers work just fine it even remembers my session where I dont have to log in at all. And my Chrome browser works just fine as well


Year 13 Day 257 10:35
Found an alternative that may just work. At least, it is so far. Some visual sacrifices, but Operamini seems to work well. We'll see if that remains the case. It has it's downfalls, but has only just entered the iOS playing field and brags steady updates. I will keep watch to see if the safari issue gets fixed, though if this lives up to its promises, I may just stick with it. In any case- for now- I am back.

Year 13 Day 257 10:59
Kendall Holm

You can also get Firefox for iFail too


Year 13 Day 257 12:09
Yeah, i think it's a mobile issue. My blackberry native browser doesn't work either.

Year 13 Day 257 12:56
You may be able to get ff but if that's the case then it's buggy. I have tried to download it and my phone just says that it is iOS incompatible

Year 13 Day 257 13:13
I'm also getting logged out frequently, using Opera Mobile on my Android. It seems to happen when I enter a dead zone and then try to reload my pages after. I was going to post a support ticket, but I know a lot of websites do this intentionally, and I wasn't sure if it was part of the update or not.


Year 13 Day 257 13:42

I have the same problem using Firefox on the PC and the Android browser on the phone as well.

I submitted a Support ticket.

Year 13 Day 257 14:01
Troucei Laruse

I've cleared my cache and cookies in FF for my PC, and also for my browser on my Android phone. Still the issue persists.

I have submitted a Support ticket to see if it can be resolved, as the game is basically unplayable for me at the moment.


Year 13 Day 257 21:29
Working fine for me in safari now...x


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Year 13 Day 258 2:27
Also make sure your using an updated version of your respective browsers, sometimes the security features may not work on certain browsers, and the game would therefore log you out again.

Year 13 Day 258 5:38
It's working fine for me now, too.