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Year 13 Day 256 17:42
Deakon Jarvis

I been away for sometime and all this new to me. What is the steps to fit out items to npc's may it be military, civilian or custom?

Edited By: Deakon Jarvis on Year 13 Day 256 17:43
Year 13 Day 256 17:47
If you look up just a few threads there should be a stickied topic that explains it exactly!


Year 13 Day 256 22:25
Deakon Jarvis

poohbear !
It is in the rules under ITEMS
wouldnt it be better to place under NPC?

Year 13 Day 257 1:17
Maybe, but a thread in the questions forum generally makes a lot of sense don'tcha think?


Year 13 Day 257 3:26
Luther Nightwish


The guide is at the top of this forum.

A lot of people in the galaxy have no issues with helping a player out, but in the future please be sure to check existing threads that look like they could answer your question!

Year 13 Day 257 3:51
Also, don't call Ellias poohbear it took me an hour to figure out what you were talking about because of that one line.


Year 13 Day 257 16:04
Deakon Jarvis

mesh -pooh bear has nothing to do with Elias, it is like homer simpson saying Dol!
And I didnt see the sticky above when you get frustrated (and Im sure quite a few players do) you sometimes get focused on what bugging you.

Thankyou Elias you answered question