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Year 13 Day 259 23:34
Does it matter that Barge and Speeder Pilots are listed as Military NPCs and Vehicle Pilots are not? Basically, do Vehicle Pilots control Vehicles, Barge Pilots Barges, and Speeder Pilots Speeders regardless of whether they're military or civilian?

This confused me a little.

Edited By: Scarlet Pike on Year 13 Day 259 23:35

Year 13 Day 259 23:58
Really, they do nothing at all except look pretty. Presumably when they get closer to actually having a use their respective categories etc may get looked at, but it makes no difference a the moment.


Year 13 Day 261 17:59
Does this also mean that any NPC can be assigned as a Pilot, when as you say, they come close to actually having a use?

Or can only NPCs listed as Pilots actually pilot an entity?

This extends to whether an NPC can use the skills assigned to it -- like a Brawler with Projectile Weapons skill using them to fight with a projectile weapon -- or if they must be from the type of NPC normally found using that skill.



Year 13 Day 262 8:33
Esu Kyouto

There is currently no need to use an NPC or Pilot Droid to pilot an entity.
Here are the rules for squading (12) up entities: http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?NPCs

However, you can have an Astromech droid as an "auto pilot". If you have a astromech with the appropriate piloting skill in your cockpit you can move about your Ship and enter other entities docked inside your Ship and the Ship will continue on it's path.

Year 13 Day 267 13:59
Gort Horth

I have an R3 in the cockpit of my current ship and when I went to board a smaller ship docked inside the larger, I got the standard warning that this might abort travel.

Was the travel not aborted because the smaller ship was inside the larger, or because I left an R3 on the bridge? I was under the impression that droid pilots do not function because when you leave a ship with a droid pilot, carried sensors do not link with the ship.


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Year 13 Day 267 17:53
Not sure why you are referring to sensors, as that has nothing to do with this. Basically, so long as you have a droid with the relevant pilot skills (which the various Rseries do have now) in the cockpit and assigned to the pilot, the pilot can enter any docked entities without fear of travel being aborted.