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Archives » why is my market or trade 2 station not good enough anymore?
Echinsu Ocha

after all the trouble getting my personal commerce market built ,or my trade 2 station built ,then moved to my own private location,now I cant use the market there......?
what gives? who's bright idea was that ,not to let access to the market, from market points?

who is in hell , focus

To buy from the market, you must be inside a Trading Faction owned market, which means inside a Commercial Centre facility or a Trading Station (1 or 2), or inside Centrepoint Space Station.

- Rules


Echinsu Ocha

when did this change ?and why?is what i'm asking.i searched the posts.the rules didnt say when and why it changed either.

and what the hell is thomas talking about?

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Kendall Holm

Several Months ago.


Echinsu Ocha

its been down several months ,maybe......but it just started saying the new rule on my browser two days ago.why was it changed.its RETARDED

It changed because the game designers decided that was the way to make the new Market work best. It was even announced in the sim news. You can continue to call it childish, offensive names, but that's probably only going to get you a timeout.

Echinsu Ocha

thats funny. i said retarded,as the person that changed it.not childish,lol

Nathan Miller

The English language isn't your friend is it? The sentence Mikel typed does not state you said the word childish but that retarded is a childish and offensive term.

The change provides more purpose to trading factions. It isn't going to be changed again at this time. I suggest dropping the issue before the person that made the change deciphers that your last post appears to be insulting them and bans you for abusing staff.

Echinsu Ocha


It may not be childish as it does seem to retard an owners ability to trade. It was something that confused me too. I almost constructed a TS2 so I could access the market, but I made several inquiries before I made the costly mistake.

I agree with the decision in hindsight as it gives those who are not fortunate enough to be able to afford their own station the same chance to grab a market item.

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