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Archives » Need some help with space station weight and ships
i have just got myself a new Luxury Space Colony was going to use it as a base and storage. what i want to know is how many ships i can store in there.

Cargo Stats for the station:
Weight: 83,256 T
Volume: 16,000 m³

Weight Cap: 69,380 T
Volume Cap: 13,454 m³

what i want to store is the X-ceptor
Weight: 30 T
Volume: 500 m³
Weight Cap: 0.0700 T
Volume Cap: 0.5000 m³

i have 22 of these so would i be able to store them all in there?

I'm going to assume your question is about something other than basic math (or that you don't know what to calculate).

To determine what a container can hold, you take the Weight Cap and Volume Cap of the container. Now, you take the Weight and Volume of the entities you want to put into the container.

Container (station)
Weight Cap: 69,380 T
Volume Cap: 13,454 m³

Entity (X-ceptor)
Weight: 30 T
Volume: 500 m³

You have 22 entities.
Total Weight: 30 T * 22 = 660 T
Total Volume: 500 m³ * 22 = 11,000 m³

660 T < 69,380 T - OK
11,000 m³ < 13,454 m³ - OK

So, yes, you are able to store them all in there.

cool thank you. sorry it was kind of a noob question, but i did not know what one you go by was it just the weight or the volume. thank you for the help :D

We use both.